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Metamorphosis has achieved excellence in traditional theatre for 25 years and now we need to do the same in the digital and virtual world of online theatre. This requires outsourcing the professional services of digital, media and communication specialists. help us pay for the new productions costs - filming and editing.

You can also donate by online transfer to Scotia Bank Account number 1207844, Branch 74815 (branch Scotia Centre)
Cash or Cheque made out to Metamorphosis Dance Company, which can be dropped off at Caribbean School of Dancing office at 2a Dere Street,
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Metamorphosis is a not for profit company formed to facilitate company governance true to the principles of dance theatre.

This is what Metamorphosis means to our associates over the years.
“Something was planted in my heart and soul, which ensured that I will always NEED to dance…” Shari Rhyner, RAD Teacher at The Caribbean School of Dancing.
“I have such beautiful memories of taking Metamorphosis to dance in London on the banks of the Thames and the sun coming out just as we took the stage. Of Sonja Dumas teaching Caribbean Folk to British students and making them feel like they were there in sweet T&T…” Gill Merry, I.S.T.D Examiner (UK).
“In reflecting on this, I can speak for us both when I express gratitude for an opportunity enriched by freedom, creative potential and respect for our efforts. That’s rare enough anywhere that it remains a benchmark in our working lives.” Mark Lyndersay on his creative collaboration with Peter Shim and the Metamorphosis Dance Company in its early years. Mark Lyndersay, photographer; Peter Shim, graphic designer and artist.
“Suffused with enthusiasm, possibility and the boundless energy of the Company, the photographs speak of a time of beginnings and possibility, something that the Company has fulfilled over all of the years since with quality and resilience.” Mark Lyndersay.
“…always working with the central idea of movement, translating the dancer’s eternal desire to defy gravity and the limits of their bodies into something that reflected that defiant challenge within the constraints of two-dimensional paper.” Mark Lyndersay.

The Board

Bobby Campbell
Nancy Herrera
Camille Parsons
Susan Shurland

Metamorphosis seeks to:

  • Bridge the gap local dancers navigate from dance class to professional performance.

  • Facilitate young dancers’ metamorphosis into able professionals in preparation for careers all over the world, in the face of a local industry that lacks the necessary infrastructure.

  • Promote “Caribbean-ness” as a valuable element of expression, understanding that what makes our performers unique should be nurtured and developed.

  • Promote a greater appreciation of Dance in the wider public.

  • Aid charitable causes by making live performances and workshops available at no cost when appropriate, and to create opportunities to bring dance into the community.

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Specifically, Metamorphosis seeks to address the need for the following:

• More professional facilities – to provide studio space to accommodate training, creation and rehearsal.
• More touring and collaborative opportunities.